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Discovery of Potent, Functional Anti-BTLA and Anti-TIGIT Monoclonal Antibodies using Hybridoma and
Phage Display Platforms

Webinar Abstract

Hybridoma and display technologies are two gold-standard approaches to identify novel monoclonal antibodies. The LakePharma Antibody Center provides integrated antibody discovery and engineering services to create therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies for drug developers. To showcase some of the capabilities, the team sought to identify two unique sets of antibody antagonists against promising immuno-oncology targets BTLA and TIGIT utilizing the hybridoma platform and phage display libraries, respectively. In this discovery process, highly potent, selective, and functional immune checkpoint inhibitor antibodies, which in some cases perform superior to benchmark comparators, are identified.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Antibody discovery workflows at LakePharma
  • Approaches for a comprehensive characterization of antibody leads


Brian Zabel

Brian Zabel, PhD
Director of Discovery Immunology, LakePharma


Dr. Zabel received BS degrees in Biology and Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1997 and a PhD in Immunology from Stanford University in 2004. Dr. Zabel holds nine US patents and has published more than 50 research and review articles in high impact journals such as the Journal of Experimental Medicine and the Annual Review of Pathology. Dr. Zabel has special expertise in hybridoma-based monoclonal antibody discovery with demonstrated success against challenging targets. Some of the anti-GPCR mAbs he discovered are commercially available from multiple biomedical reagent suppliers (e.g., anti-CMLKR1 mAb BZ194 and anti-CCRL2 mAb BZ2E3) while others are patented for therapeutic intervention in inflammatory bowel disease (e.g., anti-CCR9 and anti-CCL25 mAbs). At LakePharma, Dr. Zabel leads a scientific team of hybridoma experts in the discovery of therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies.


Raphael Levy image

Raphael Levy, PhD
Director of Antibody Engineering, LakePharma

  Dr. Levy joined LakePharma in March 2017 as the Director of Antibody Engineering. Previously, he worked for XOMA for over 10 years as a major contributor in multiple antibody discovery programs, project team leader, author of articles, and inventor of patents. Dr. Levy completed his postdoctoral fellowship at UCSF where his work in high resolution antibody epitope mapping and affinity maturation using yeast surface display was published in highly regarded scientific journals such as Nature Biotechnology and the Journal of Molecular Biology. He earned his PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Texas at Austin, focusing on the improvement of folding and bacterial expression of antibody fragments. Dr. Levy completed his MS in Biotechnology at Tel-Aviv University, Israel and earned a BS degree in Biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. 


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