Expanding SPR Throughput Orders of Magnitude to Accelerate Therapeutic Antibody Discovery

Carterra, Inc. 

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) is the de facto technique for measuring the binding kinetics and affinities of antibody interactions but has been relegated to a secondary role in discovery due to its limited throughput. Here, we introduce the Carterra LSA, a high throughput SPR platform that is disrupting antibody analytics by enabling screening and characterization to be performed in the same step. The LSA can measure the binding kinetics and affinities of hundreds of interactions in parallel and perform comprehensive epitope binning experiments on up to 384 antibodies per chip. With the additional advantages of minimal sample consumption and industry-leading analysis software, the LSA is streamlining the library-to-leads triage, saving time, cost and resources in generating clinically-ready molecules.


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