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TunaCHO and CHO-GSN process v3

Why use HEK293 when a straight path with CHO is available from development to GMP manufacturing?

LakePharma's proprietary CHO platforms offer high performance for transient protein production, stable cell line development, and GMP manufacturing.

Featured platforms include TunaCHO™ for transient production and CHO-GSN™ for stable production. All platforms are ready for commercialization, and 100% royalty-free licensing option is available.

Both platforms are derived from the same CHO-K1 parental line, so products from both exhibit similar activity and post-translational modification (PTM) profiles.

lakepharma cho platforms

TunaCHO circle

TunaCHO Transient
Production System

Ideal for candidate screening during the discovery phase or production of a handful of candidates for preliminary testing in anticipation of lead candidate selection. In conjunction with LakePharma's transient expression vectors, expression levels can reach as high as 2 g/L.

- Derived from CHO-K1 cell line

- Yield can reach as high as 2 g/L

- Consistent and scalable from 10 mL to 20 L

- 7 day and 14 day turnaround time available

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sartorius bioreactors outlined

CHO-GSN Stable 
Production System

Ideal for research cell bank (RCB) generation and future use as a manufacturing cell line for commercial products. With multiple RCBs used for programs at the clinical stage, this platform offers a cell line with lineage documentation and a path to commercialization.

- CHO-K1 glutamine synthesis (GS) knockout line

- Yield can reach as high as 7 g/L

- Work with chemically defined commercial media

- High tolerance with shear

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TunaCHO Transient Platform

TunaCHO compare to other CHO_500x350

TunaCHO exhibits high productivity and consistency when compared with another premium CHO line.

CHO-GSN Stable Platform

CHO-GSN titer_500x350


CHO-GSN exhibits high productivity after pool enrichment.

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