Discovery of Potent, Functional Anti-BTLA and Anti-TIGIT Monoclonal Antibodies using Hybridoma and Phage Display Platforms




Webinar Abstract

Hybridoma and display technologies are two gold-standard approaches to identify novel monoclonal antibodies. The LakePharma Antibody Center provides integrated antibody discovery and engineering services to create therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies for drug developers. To showcase some of the capabilities, the team sought to identify two unique sets of antibody antagonists against promising immuno-oncology targets BTLA and TIGIT utilizing the hybridoma platform and phage display libraries, respectively. In this discovery process, highly potent, selective, and functional immune checkpoint inhibitor antibodies, which in some cases perform superior to benchmark comparators, are identified.

In this webinar, the following are discussed:

  • Antibody discovery workflows at LakePharma
  • Approaches for a comprehensive characterization of antibody leads